Artist Bio's

MORGAN ALEXANDER is a poet and documentary photographer.
From 1982-90, she was the staff photographer for The Ojai Foundation founded by Joan Halifax.  In 1988, she photographed in El Salvador with Medical Aid for El Salvador, a Los Angeles based Prosthetics Project, providing prosthesis to land Mine victims & returned again 1994 to monitor the elections.  In 1989-1994 she photographed at The Hartford Street Zen Center and The Maitri Hospice for People with AIDS in the heart of the Castro District in San Francisco and The Ambassador Hotel, a single-room occupancy hotel in the Tenderloin. In 2004, she traveled to Cuba with the Cuba AIDS Project and to Juarez, Mexico where she continued her AIDS photographic project. She has had 25 exhibitions of AIDS Affects U.$ All (1991-2007) in the United States and Mexico.  Website is Her new work, Murales Pintados:Community Projects and Street Art In Havana, Cuba has been exhibited at California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA) at The San Buenaventura Artists Union (Ventura, Ca), The Buenaventura Artists Association and The Ojai Community Bank. She is Photography consultant for the Muraleando Project in Havana, Cuba where in April 2011, she took part in a collective exposition with Kate Mack, documenting the street art with the Muraleando Collective.  This collaboration opened the new community center, called “El Tanque”, a 100-year-old water tank newly restored as the local art gallery and community center in the District, 10th de octobre, Lawton, Havana, Cuba.   She has one book of poetry -”Vanilla Custard” (Floating Island Press, 1988) and lives in Ojai, California.

KATE MACK is a student of video, photography, Russian Language and Chinese brush painting.  She is the Video Consultant for the Muraleando Project in Havana, Cuba and has traveled to Havana for the past four years making photographs and artwork for Murales Pintados: Community Projects and Street Art In Havana and the Muraleando Collective Exposition.  She lives in Ojai, California.

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